Larks Home Run All Rights Reserved 2014
“ Larks Home, Run He trusts and respects me and we have lots of fun together playing.” Lynn Palm
“Larks Home Run, as affectionate as his Daddy!"
"Rugged Lark, THE STAR!!!!  What a fun 10 years entertaining horse people and (showing them) how wonderful the Quarter Horse is......and how HAPPY a horse can be in his training!!" Lynn Palm "Rugged Lark, THE LEGEND!!!!!!......Homie has very big shoes to fill.  So far, so very, very good".  Beth Stauber-Johnson
“Starting his Dressage Career, Training Level, 2011.  Happy to do so!” Lynn Palm
Lynn and Homer in Dressage for Quarter Horse enthusiasts at an AQHA Expo
Beautiful movement for a Quarter Horse in Dressage.  Just starting his Dressage Career
Lynn says:  "Of course we have to show the world that he can do like his Father!"  Riding bridleless is a fun variety of Homer's training in building trust and confidence in me!!  And ME TRUSTING HIM!!"   Photo taken at the start of a new discipline, Western Dressage, in 2012.
Lynn Palm says:  "This head shows the large dark eye, which indicates KINDNESS, a flat forehead with width between the eyes which indicates INTELLIGENCE, well set and sharp ears which indicates a GREAT TEMPERMENT, short and shallow mouth which indicates a RESPONSIVE MOUTH, thin lips and fine hair which indicates SENSITIVITY and a proportioned head which indicates BEAUTIFUL".  "All which give us a lovely package of horse, LARKS HOME RUN"   Beth Stauber-Johnson
Another good drink while Mommy provides the fan!  Sail Home Again and a very young Larks Home Run.
Homer and Lynn as featured Clinicians at the 2011 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky.
Demonstrating a typical day in training on PPT's Natural Obstacle Training course at Fox grove Farm in Ocala.
Homer at his best, accepting the bit and happy in his work
At the World Equestrian Games Homer stood like a statue, like his Daddy used to, for hours greeting people with his ears forward and happy to do so!  Amazing!!
Yawning!!!  JUST like his Dad.  Aloof about it all!!!
At the World Equestrian Games Homer also showed gestures like his Dad......they both LOVE kids!!  Here he is greeting a young admirer
Playing in the pasture and showing his friends what an athlete he is.
"Wow!!! What a HANDSOME FELLOW!!!  Looks kind of familiar from somewhere too....." --- Homer  With Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, Bespoke Farm
And here is Frankie Lovato aka "Rocky".  Mom tries new things out for her on him first, THEN me.  I think Rocky and I will become BFF's....... ----Homer