“I am now spending much time preparing for the first of hopefully many dressage shows on Larks Home Run.  It is a full and wonderful life I am having in the middle of my sixty years!  I am so humbled to have had the opportunity to work with Cyril and Lynn, and now Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, and to own an animal like Homie.  The entire package, so perfect, is such a gift.  To enjoy so much, the journey is so rare.  To my dear husband Ron, I love you for so many reasons.  The gift of Larks Home Run is one of your truly phenomenal packages.” Elizabeth Stauber-Johnson, Ph.D.  Jupiter, Florida
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"This head shows the large dark eye which indicates KINDNESS The flat forehead with width between the eyes indicates INTELLIGENCE The well set and sharp ears indicate GREAT TEMPERAMENT The short and shallow mouth indicates a RESPONSIVE MOUTH The thin lips and fine hair indicates SENSITIVITY The proportioned head............BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Lynn Palm